Common Types Of Commercial Glass Services

Common Types Of Commercial Glass Services

11 May 2020
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A commercial building may have large windows that can make the business more attractive to potential customers while also allowing the firm to display a range of products that may be for sale. However, these windows can still suffer damage that may have to be addressed in order to limit the risk of serious structural issues developing with the building.

Water Intrusions Around The Glass

An especially common problem for businesses will be water intrusions around the edges of the glass. When this starts to occur, you can find that the building may develop serious water damage issues that can range from isolated rot to a widespread mold problem for the building. Often, this type of water intrusion is the result of the protective seals along the edges of the glass failing in a way that allows gaps to form.

Patching Chips And Cracks

Cracks in the glass can be an unavoidable problem as there are many small objects that may be able to strike the glass with enough force to cause it to crack. Luckily, you might not have to entirely replace the damaged pane of glass by opting to have it patched. This will typically only be an option for smaller cracks and chips that have not yet had a chance to spread in a significant way. In addition to being far more affordable than replacing the entire window, it can also allow for the damage to be repaired in a discreet way so that the appearance of the glass is preserved. For the best results, you should have a professional commercial glass repair technician conduct this repair as they will be able to ensure that the patch is difficult to see while still providing the level of protection that you need.

Refreshing Any Lettering On The Glass

Commercial windows will often have lettering on them that can have the business's phone number, name, and information about current sales or promotions. In order to avoid damaging the glass, you should only use paint that is designed to be used on window glass for this type of lettering. Otherwise, you may permanently discolor the glass. Due to the difficulty of writing on windows in a way that can still be read by those passing by the building as well as the impact the quality of the lettering can have on individuals' impressions of your enterprise, you should typically leave this to a service that specializes in this type of glasswork oversee this upgrade.