4 Tips For Designing A Classy Shower Enclosure

4 Tips For Designing A Classy Shower Enclosure

3 June 2020
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When it comes to designing your new shower, you need to take some time to plan a shower that is not just functional but is also classy and elegant at the same time. When it comes to designing a shower, there are a few things to take into consideration to develop a classy looking shower enclosure.

Tip #1: Go for a Solid Color

When it comes to designing your shower, don't get too complicated. Instead, you are going to want to choose one primary color or pattern for your shower. Sticking to one primary color will give your shower a more cohesive feeling and will give your bathroom a classy feeling.

For example, you can choose one pattern of tile for your shower. You can use the tile on the internal walls of your shower. You can pair one color or pattern with glass in order to create a cohesive feeling that is also classy at the same time.

Tip #2: Use Glass Walls

As you design your shower enclosure, you are going to want to put tile on the internal walls. You want the shower walls that are in contact with your internal walls to be strongly built and watertight. A watertight wall will not only look great, but it will also protect your bathroom's internal walls from water damage.

On the external walls of your shower that extend into your bathroom, use glass. Glass walls and a glass shower door will help make your shower space feel larger and your bathroom feel more open.

Tip #3: Go for Textured Glass

If you want to enjoy a little more privacy with your new shower, use textured or frosted glass instead of clear glass. With frosted or textured glass, you will still get an open feeling in your bathroom, while enjoying a little more privacy while in the shower.

Additionally, textured or frosted glass is easier to keep clean. Textured and frosted glass will hide the effects of hard water and soap scum, allowing you to clean off your glass walls once a week instead of daily.

Tip #4: Install a Shower Curb

Finally, install a shower curb instead of allowing the glass door and panels to become flush with the floor. With a curb, you will stop water from leaking out of your shower and onto the bathroom floor. Just make sure the curb is sloped inwards, so water that hits the curb will flow towards the shower drain.

When it comes to designing a classy shower, stick to one solid color for the tile, and use tempered or frosted glass for the glass walls. Install a shower curb in order to ensure the water flows in the right direction. The key to a classy shower is to keep the design simple.