4 Auto Glass Problems That Need Repairs Now

4 Auto Glass Problems That Need Repairs Now

19 March 2021
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Your car windshield protects you from external factors like precipitation, wind, dust, debris, insects, and pebbles, and more. So when there is a problem such as a crack, your view will be altered. There are various types of windshield problems that require auto glass repair. Take your time and have a look at them below.

1. Cracks and Rock Chips

As you drive down the road, you will likely encounter flying pebbles that could hit your windshield. The rocks can hit any part of the shield, including the driver's side. At that point, you need immediate action, especially if the crack goes all the way to the edge of the windshield. The damage size varies depending on the impact. Even in the case of minor damage, you still need to do something about it as it messes with your car's appearance.

2. Murky Glass

Murky or hazy glass is a problem that creeps on your windscreen and spreads over time due to worn-out wipers. The constant wiping causes the base to tear and become uneven, thus trapping dust. So when the wipers are on, the debris scratches the glass. If you don't do anything about it, the effects can lead to extensive repairs requiring costly repairs. In some instances, an auto glass repair company will have to replace it.

3. Stuck Windows

You may have experienced this situation where the windows won't move up or down at one point or another. The problem is worst when the glass gets stuck halfway because someone can reach steal your stuff in the vehicle.

When the windows are stuck, it could be a case of a dysfunctional motor which you should replace. If not, the glass window may have dislocated off its track. If it is the motor, the auto glass repair company will have to replace it and reinstall the dislocated window back on track.

4. Leaking Seal

Seals wear and tear over time, which explains the leaking. Don't give a blind eye to leaking seals, or you could be in for bigger trouble. When the side windows are constantly exposed to moisture, they can loosen up and pose safety and security risks. So when you notice the seals are leaking, take your car to an auto glass repair expert for new window seal installation. 

These are the common windshield problems to watch out for. As soon as you notice them, contact the professionals or visit an auto glass repair shop for repairs.