Don't Fall Victim To These 3 Myths About Auto Glass Repairs

Don't Fall Victim To These 3 Myths About Auto Glass Repairs

22 July 2022
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There are several common myths out there surrounding auto glass repair. The problem is, far too many people accept these myths as fact. Consequently, these individuals will often find themselves dealing with additional glass damage or even a serious safety hazard. Thankfully, you can avoid finding yourself in this same position by taking just a moment to learn the facts behind three of these myths. 

1: It Is Okay To Continue Driving When In Need Of Auto Glass Repairs

Perhaps the most widespread and dangerous of all the myths on this list is the myth that it is okay to continue driving your vehicle with damaged auto glass. This glass protects the people in your vehicle from injury as a result of airborne debris. Furthermore, when there is even a small crack in your auto glass, the strength of your glass can be severely compromised. This can cause your auto glass to shatter. If this happens, both the people in your vehicle and other drivers on the road could be injured. Consequently, you should never drive a vehicle with damaged auto glass for even a short amount of time. 

2: Minor Auto Glass Damage Does Not Need To Be Repaired

Not all damage to your auto glass will have a major impact on the surface of the glass or your ability to see while driving. Unfortunately, many people believe that this type of minor damage can be ignored in favor of saving money on auto glass repairs. This is a very dangerous myth because the truth is, even the smallest damage to your auto glass can spread without notice. Spreading damage can be a serious safety concern since it can impact your ability to see while driving and can ultimately result in an accident. Consequently, you should always get damage to your auto glass repaired, regardless of how minor this damage may initially be. 

3: Auto Glass Repairs Will Result In Being Unable To Use Your Vehicle For An Extended Period Of Time

Many people believe that they will need to refrain from using their vehicle for days or even weeks after having their auto glass repaired or replaced. This myth is based upon the fact that the sealant used to secure auto glass can take several weeks to fully cure. However, while it is true that the glass sealant may take an extended amount of time to cure, there truly is no reason that you cannot continue driving your vehicle during this time. In fact, you will typically be able to begin driving your vehicle again as soon as the repairs are complete. Just be sure to avoid things like car washes and car waxes for a few weeks, and there is no reason you cannot use your vehicle just as you normally would.